Angan is rooted in the cultural rituals of Iceland - bathing in natural geothermal pools, the Arctic Ocean and curing the skin using centuries old remedies.  Whether exploring hot springs around the country, taking daily dips in our local pools no matter the temperature or simply creating an at-home bath, it is part of who we are as Icelanders.  We love this time of year, when the days are long and the air is crisp.

Baths are a refuge, an escape where wild, handpicked arctic botanicals and aromatherapy can instantly transport you to remote nature in Iceland. Create your own bathing ritual that will allow you to steal back minutes from the day as you relax and decompress from daily stresses.  


Step 1 - Relax and Soak in the tub

Draw a warm bath and reach from one of our cult favorite bath salt  Seaweed Bath Salt  - infused with pure minerals and vitamins handcrafted for detoxification and skin nourishment.  Add a handful of bath salts to the warm bath, allowing it to settle.  


Step 2 - Cleanse the Skin

Use two pumps of the new Westfjords Body Wash, an aromatic body cleanser made with nourishing Aloe Vera, cleansing Bilberry Extract and gentle surfactants to restore moisture and leave the body clean and refreshed. Suitable for all skin types.


Step 3 - Seal in Moisture

Following your soak, nourish the skin with our new Westfjords Body Lotion formulated with nourishing Almond and Jojoba Oils along with intensely moisturizing Shea Butter to prevent moisture loss and hydrate the skin from neck to toe.  Antioxidant-rich Rosehip Oil and anti-inflammatory Red Clover Extract repair the skin and promote cell renewal.  


I hope your own bathing ritual and escape is just moments away.


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