For ANGAN, I always wanted to produce sustainable and natural skincare products that are accessible to everyone. From my perspective, sustainability is when you have thought out the whole process, from cultivation and choice of ingredients, packaging, transportation to consumer education. You make all the decisions consciously for both people and the planet.

Our sustainability policy is continually evolving. We consistently work to seek out the best solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and act as a responsible citizen to our Mother Earth. We believe in the following key sustainability pillars will have the most significant environmental impact and are our focus: 


ANGAN Skincare utilizes raw natural ingredients found in Icelandic wild nature that is processed and dried using geothermal energy. Our herbs grow in mineral-rich soil and we combine them with Icelandic sea salt, which is a by-product of Saltverk, our sister company which is sustainably produced in the remote Westfjords.

We also use certified organic ingredients that are grown without any additives, and by doing so, we make sure that the products are free of additives.  Our products are 100% earth-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are free from parabens, silicone, phthalates, pegs, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, glycols, formaldehyde, & other harmful compounds.


ANGAN skincare products are hand-made from natural and sustainable raw materials in our studio just outside Reykjavik. We manufacture and thereby control the quality of all products. We also produce smaller quantities to maintain the highest freshness of the formulas. This process also allows us to control the usage of water and energy entirely, and ultimately reduce the carbon emissions associated with the production of our products to leverage zero waste manufacturing principles. 



Our approach to packaging is far from perfect because in reality, an ideal solution does not yet exist. Our goal is to provide 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging for our skincare line. Each product is packed in green glass recyclable packaging. Certain parts of a recyclable product might not be 100% recyclable, such as the pumps and droppers on bottles. As a no-waste alternative, reuse the pump or dropper in a different way.

Outer packaging for our skincare products are made from a recyclable and sustainable carton that is printed using vegetable ink. We provide refills to our bath salts and Westfjords Collection and are currently working on a circular recycling system for our glass containers so they can be reused again. The bottles then go through a disinfection process and get a new life.

The quest for sustainability is never finished, but we are committed to doing the absolute best we can and keeping you informed along the way. 




Photos: Anika Batkowska & Axel Sig 

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