Ever considered the benefits of wildcrafted ingredients?
The practice of using such ingredients means they are gathered from natural habitats where they grow freely. Each is harvested with incredible care removing only  leaves, stems, branches, or flowers needed, allowing the plant to remain in its natural environment. This approach is a sustainable form of sourcing herbs when done with care. 

From the magnetic rolling lava fields of remote Icelandic nature, ANGAN harvests some of the most healing and nourishing native herbs and flowers to create the brand’s signature Icelandic Botanical Complex (IBC). This carefully curated blend harnesses the most concentrated phytonutrients to combat inflammation and help soothe, regenerate, and protect the skin.

The ANGAN IBC features calming Wild Nettle, refining Dandelion, stimulating Red Clover, soothing Yarrow and anti-inflammatory Arctic Thyme. Together these powerful plants create a vibrant and nutrient-dense combination full of minerals and vitamins to care for the skin.

At ANGAN, we prioritize Icelandic wildcrafted plants because of their exceptional life-force energy and purity. Why wildcrafted is the ANGAN way:

  • Super Antioxidants – Sea and land-harvested botanicals contain protective active substances and possess strong antioxidant properties in order to survive in harsh climatic conditions and short Icelandic growing seasons. Their defense mechanisms create powerful protecting capabilities that provide us with skin-nourishment.
  • Potency – Wildcrafted ingredients are free from pesticides and pollution. These plants are deemed pure because they are chemical-free, environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested and full of medicinal potential.
  • Sustaining Local Communities – Our wildcrafted ingredients are sourced from Icelandic farmers and suppliers committed to social responsibility, positive environmental practices and the empowerment of growers.

More of our signature wildcrafted ingredients include Nordic Birch, Icelandic Moss Bladderwrack and Wild Berries. Discover the ANGAN Collection and experience the benefits of the Icelandic Botanical Complex through our high performance products now.

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