Cleansers come in various forms - foams, gels, creams, and balms, but in recent years, it's cleansing oils that have captured the attention of skincare experts.

If you've never tried a cleansing oil, especially if you have oily, combination, or sensitive skin, you might have second thoughts. But fear not. Regardless of your skin type, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how they can revolutionize your cleansing routine.

What exactly is a cleansing oil?

As the name suggests, oil cleansers are based on oils, with the oils doing the heavy lifting. This means they typically contain fewer surfactants than other face wash and makeup removal products. Designed to cleanse the skin, remove makeup, and impurities, they also leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized, avoiding the dryness often associated with harsher cleansers.

The good news is that cleansing oils are among the gentlest makeup removers available, making them suitable even for sensitive skin types. 

How do oil cleansers work?

The principle is simple: oil clings to oil, effectively dissolving it. Cleansing oils act as solvents, effectively lifting away daily dirt, grime, SPF, and excess sebum from your skin. They're particularly effective at dissolving makeup with an oil base, including waterproof mascara, foundation, cream blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and eyeshadows.

Typically, cleansing oils contain oils or a blend of oils to dissolve dirt, along with surfactants and emulsifiers, allowing everything to be rinsed away with water.

Benefits of using cleansing oils

Thanks to their effective yet gentle cleansing action, cleansing oils are one of the best ways to cleanse the skin and remove makeup—a crucial step in maintaining healthy skin.

However, not all cleansing oils are created equal. Some may irritate the eyes or leave behind a residue if not properly formulated with the right blend of surfactants and emulsifiers. But with the right formula, there are no downsides.

Meet our bestselling Wildflower Cleansing Oil. Tough on makeup yet gentle on the skin, here's what sets it apart:

  • 100% natural ingredients: Our bestelling cleansing oil combines natural oils with emulsifiers in a clean, organic formula. It features our arctic Sea Buckthorn, sourced using CO2 extraction for maximum potency.

  • We also incorporate Sunflower seed oil, packed with calming Oleic Acid and Linoleic acid, and Castor Oil, rich in moisturizing Ricinoleic Acid, to ensure effective makeup removal without stripping the skin.

  • Removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara. Our Wildflower Cleansing Oil effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, leaving your skin clean, soft, and radiant, with no makeup residue left behind.

Experience the transformative power of our Wildflower Oil Cleanser and discover radiant and clean skin.

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