As winter keeps our days short with darkness and below freezing temperatures, it’s the perfect time to reset our bathing rituals and take cues from Nordic traditions of self care. One of the most beloved beauty routines dates back centuries and is still prominent in Icelandic culture today – our admiration of soaking in nature or man made pools year round. 

Not only is this activity an instant stress reliever, but the benefits for the body are abundant.  This includes soothing tired muscles for increased mobility, improvement of skin irritations and the opening of pores allowing skin to absorb benefit-bosting actives and moisturizers post plunge.

I have fond memories of bathing in some of the most incredible hot springs in Iceland like the magical Seljavallalaug on the south coast , nature pools in the Westfjords or even the newer sites like Hvammsvik north of Reykjavik.  If you aren’t local or close by, you can always create an at-home soaking ritual with intention.  The most important element is the intention of carving out time just for you.


  • Schedule “me time”.  As someone who lives a busy life, my new year’s resolution is to carve out blocks in my calendar that protect my time. This holds true for self care, as well. I like to schedule my “me time” at the end of the day when there are less distractions and I can put on my mental “out of office”.
  • Set the mood.  My bathroom is my sanctuary, so I light candles and turn on my favorite playlist as I draw a bath. A bath staple of mine is our detoxifying Seaweed Bath Salt with hand-harvested Seaweed and therapeutic essential oils from Lavender and Geranium. It’s magic in easing aches. 
  • Prep the skin.  Before a bath, I dry brush the skin for a great pre-exfoliation.  One of my favorites is from Joanna Czech.  This brush boosts circulation with the agave plant bristles and begins the preglow process brilliantly.
  • Relax and soak.  Sometimes this is the hardest part; try your best to be still and let your mind and body recharge for at least twenty minutes.
  • Scrub. Exfoliate with our Icelandic Moss Salt Scrub leaving the skin feeling soft and energized.
  • Lock in moisture.  Post bath, use a rich moisturizer like our Botanic Bliss Body Oil that is made with Avocado oil, Hemp oil, and Birch infusion packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that boost hydration levels.


Self care is easier said than done, but well worth experiencing these precious moments that truly help us reset.  


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